heart project

This page is part of an ongoing experiment I am working on.

I am investigating strategies to use my work in ways that impact the lives of strangers who I might otherwise not come into contact with.

In America we have a (big) problem with hunger,* I don't believe this an acceptable situation.  I am working on side projects that can possibly generate revenue I can transfer directly to local food banks, while also supporting artists, small businesses, and etc. and etc.. 

Hoping to add something new to the shopping cart soon.

For more information please email me at davidwillisglass@hotmail.com or contact me through the link to my website at the top of this page           

Thank you for your interest and support

*google "hunger in america"

glenfiddich dr, eugene, or.

Hello and happy 2015.  I hope it's great for everyone :)

An update on the above piece:

We have moved to Portland OR.  I had fun last summer taking this to downtown Portland and up to Mt. Tabor, working within sight of bridges and mountains, and talking to people as they would pass by, if they chose to engage.  This is a really big part of what I wanted to do with this piece, and it has been a part of it's entire existence, with hundreds of miles under its belt.  Goodtimes.  I like to make my work in some way experimental in the hope that I can continue to learn new things about my material and add tools to my process kit as I move forward with my practice.  

I began this piece in 2010 and hope to complete it in 2015.  One thing among many I have learned from this object is...   wait for it...

It's not the best thing to be moving around in my trailer.  Said another way, ever since it got to big to hold and carry around easily, travel is not it's friend.  Is that clear enough?  Anyway, not to worry we are all good.  Hearts are not houses of cards, they get damaged and healed and that's life.  I will not wear out my metaphor (if I haven't already), you get where I am going with this. 

Another part of my experiment with this work is "how big can I get it?"   I have learned the answer, "more than big enough to make moving it anywhere a complete nightmare.  So while about 6'h now,  I believe I could get it to 12+ given time, interest enough on my part, and a huge and awesome annealer.  However, moving the piece out of the (any) studio would require crating bigger than trucks and train cars and freeway overpasses are high, so...  About 6' it will be.

Anyone who has read this that doesn't mind dropping me a note on my website, that would be great!  I'm curious how many people might read this post.  

Have a beautiful day.